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  • Consultation

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    The essential oils YOU need


    Thorough consultation is essential to establish a therapeutic connection between you and me. Also, especially during the first assessment you will tell me what you know about yourself and I will tell you what I've learn about the human body, mind and spirit.

    My role is to provide the tools to achieve and sustain good health yet empower you to take control of your personal well-being and wellness and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

    In holistic therapies the patient's willingness to participate fully in his own healing is necessary for its success.

    The protocol I use to understand your being is based on Oriental Medicine and the Five Elements theory as well as kinesiology and intuition.

    Together we can find out what are the patterns of disharmony and imbalances and chose appropriate essential oils and method of application to re-create balance.


    Whether for individuals, companies, health professionals, there is always a need for a special blend. We can create an exclusive formula based on your requirement. It could be a synergy for physical, emotional or spiritual purposes.


    First consultation: RM 250 including first personalized blend (a good 2 hours)

    Subsequent Consultation: RM 100

    Personalized blend and co-creation: the price depends on the needed essential oils, please contact me for quote


  • Seminar & Workshops

    Passion for sharing

  • Ethics & Safety

    A way of life

    Ethical Practice

    As a Holistic Aromatherapist, I commit to practice to the best of my knowledge and to continue my learning journey towards excellence. I agree to follow the rules of international bodies such as NAHA or IFPA which I am a full member of. I understand the following and accept them as my personal "code of ethics" as long as I continue my vocation. I will respect the integrity and individuality of the person I am helping and of my fellow Holistic Aromatherapist. I will respect the rules of confidentiality with regard to helping people and education. I have the purest intentions grounded in love energy to provide healing tools and keys for my patient to manifest well-being as well as a balanced life.


    "It would be misleading and therefore irresponsible to try to claim that essential oils

    are both powerful in their beneficial effects and totally harmless otherwise".


    Please read these general safety precautions again and again:

    • Keep essential oils out of reach of children (and pets)
    • Do not use essential oils with babies under 6 weeks old and with children without confirmed knowledge
    • If you are pregnant or lactating always seek the advice of a qualified aromatherapist
    • Do not take essential oils internally unless properly trained in the safety issues of doing so. Internal use is the most hazardous method of application and is outside the scope of holistic aromatherapists.
    • Do not apply undiluted essential oils to the skin except in rare cases for very short period, we want to avoid sensitization which could prevent from using our cherished essential oils for the rest of our life 
    • Keep essential oils away from the eyes
    • If you have a medical condition such as epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, liver or kidney disease or are taking medications, seek the advice of a professional aromatherapist.
    • Where possible always purchase essential oils that are 100% pure and organic.
    • Research and get to know the oil prior to using it on others.

    Moreover, these are the factors that influence the safety of essential oils as well:

    • The method of application
    • How much of the essential oils is used: The more IS NOT the better. Stay safe with a maximum dilution of 5% for local application, preferably 1-2% for full body massage.
    • The person being treated: age, skin condition, health...
    • The potential toxicity of the essential oils used and any drug interactions
    • The purity and freshness of the essential oils
  • Who am I ?

    Ever-present question...

    Love & the World

    Providence has guided me towards a lifestyle in accordance with Nature, it means that these over forty years of life have naturally unfolded to the practice of Holistic Aromatherapy. What else could I do to serve Love of the Universe, Nature and all Beings united?

    I love the world of aromatherapy: the aromatic plants and the aromatherapists in their purest forms always remind me that life is boundless experiencing, infinite knowledge, continuous insight...

    In others' words

    Frédérique Suriya is a passionate and holistic aromatherapist originally from Marseilles - France. Trained with Lydia Bosson in Switzerland, Gabriel Mojay in UK , Jade Shutes in USA, Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer in USA, Gilles Fournil and Christian Escriva in France, she lives a simple and rich life in a village at the edge of the jungle of Malaysia, and has done so for the past 18 years. She knows how to share her love for Truth, Nature and Aromatics with great enthusiasm. By all means she pursues her journey as a curious Wounded Healer...

  • Testimonials

    Thank you so much for the wonderful remedies, they have been a great help with my anxiety and balancing my hormones. I can feel the difference and I see quite a lot of changes already. I have been good with using the remedies everyday. The geranium hydrolat and the inhaler for my anxiety are my two favorites as I see a huge difference with those two ( I basically never fail to use them).

    Natalya, 21.

    I love the blend you made for my skin. The smells are amazing and I generally feel so good and positive when I'm applying and throughout the day when I'm breathe the scent. My skin condition has improved dramatically with a change in my diet, the beauty products and addition of aromatherapy. Others have commented that my skin looks so much better and I have a glow about me now. I'm very interested to go back to explore other aromatherapy treatments for ailments that have persisted in my life that I have accepted and not found relief from in traditional medicine.

    Christine, 51

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