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A Yellow Fairy : Helichrysum italicum

or the quest for immortality...

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I’m not sure whether it is due to the new moon in Aries, to the new set of morning and evening synergies made last week or the yellow session of art-therapy; one thing for sure: I exceptionally feel in a creative mood, and happy to share whatever comes out to whoever wants to receive.

Contemplation of surrounding Nature, observation of myriad thoughts, expression of human feelings, experience of impermanent breath, all aspects of my life today are eager to become known.

Yet I chose to focus my attention on what makes my days more and more interesting as they unfold:

the gift of aromatic substances extracted from cherished organic plants.

There is so much knowledge involved in the exploration and comprehension of the plant-kingdom and further in the use of the transformation of aromatic plants co-produced by the plant, man and its environment in the form of essential oils:

botany, organic chemistry, geography, history, physiology, psychology, PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology)…

Still it appears to me, as I practice holistic aromatherapy for the past 5 years only, that a specific plant simply come as an evidence into one’s life when the need is great. And that very manifestation means a great deal into understanding who we are and where we are on our journey.

The message can be short, sharp and clear with one plant; or it can take years to grasp the essence of the significance for such a need.

A particular plant may as well be “the” plant of one’s life, the one necessary to incarnate the archetypal quality required to evolve as complete human being. Nonetheless I believe that as we grow in awareness, with their help, then the call for a quintessence will vary for our immense pleasure or not.

The essential oils of these very plants are great teachers; they have the subtle power to communicate with us on a subconscious level so that when we are curious and patient enough to understand, insight may arise in Consciousness.

Since I discover these “tools” (some use the interpretation of dreams, of mandalas, of tarot cards, of gemstones and these might be equally relevant depending on the interpreter), they have become my allies.

My first and biggest encounter so far has been Nardostachys jatamansi ; of course my dearest Spikenard which grows in the high mountains of the Himalayas offers an oil extracted from its roots.

I call it the "basement cleaner"... You know when you have a clean house but you know somewhere that the basement still demand to be cleared, and of course who want to spend days throwing all these unnecessary things, keeping all these just-in-case-I-need-it things... it’s a bit annoying even scary for some to stay in this place until it’s all net, immaculate. And what a relief once done, now you can fully embodied your house feeling very light, ready to soon enjoy the healing light of the rooftop and knowing that everything is in perfect chaotic order.

A noble purifier of all anxieties indeed who leaves an intense impression of safety on all cells of our bodies.

In my practice not many people like it, especially when they need it except if they are ready for it, in which case we can work on a deep level with amazing results quite quickly. But because I work with the power of pleasure when I meet a client for the first time, I never impose Spikenard for I know how transformative it can be, and only when the time is right one can undergo such transformation. No wonder it has been “promoted” by Mary-Magdalene herself. However this essence is not widely used even among aromatherapists.

Not long after came my date with Angelica archangelica. A high quality and beautiful essential oil distilled with much love and care by Christian Escriva from "Le Gattilier" for 15 hours has been offered to me as a true gift.

Angelica roots conveyed a profound message to me:

You are not alone and I am always with you in joy and serenity, guiding you, protecting you, inspiring you, enlightening you..."

As for Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone, it seems to be my partner for life whether I like or not. It improves so much my life-long tendency to forget close to everything (especially who I am) and give me the vital energy, the inner strength to keep trusting life is all about beauty and love. It motivates me to be fully present in my daily activities.

Then again I shall further write about both Angelica and Rosemary on another occasion.

Now about Now…

Who is coming to me in obvious ways for so many reasons I suppose:

the majestic and eternal Helichrysum italicum.

It's not that I'm totally new to her, I've smell it passing by for my clients, I've used it in some remedies to heal wounds...

But here she suddenly becomes imminent, unavoidable.

At the same time, I must admit that I'm doing quite a lot of different new modalities for the last 2 weeks: cranio-sacral therapy, art therapy.... And as usual, any self-healing therapies peels the onion layers further and brings "things" up so I believe she is here to show another hidden aspect of myself which I am ready to welcome. Nothing feels heavy though and it might simply be pacifying again and again this very very old wound of mine of the loss of my brother when I was barely 3 years old. Or something else, no plan ....

So now I am going to make a remedy for myself, an inhaler most probably plus a facial serum where I will include Helichrysum in a blend and explore the experience for the next few days, weeks or months...

Meanwhile and for your own subjective experience, here I'm telling you what it is known for and what others say about it:

Who is Helichrysum italicum?

"Helichrysum comes from the Greek helios (sun) and chrysos (gold), because the way these plants bloom gives the impresssion of little golden suns. Helichrysum italicum belongs to this noble family of Asteracea whose particularly subtle essences are directed towards the higher mind; rare and precious, in order to be properly used, they ask to be discovered, respected and, above all, loved. " (Mailhebiau 1995)

And since her flowers never wither, she has been given the common name of Immortelle or Everlasting; which say a lot about her potential. The quintessence is extracted from these sunny little flowers and produces a earthy, floral, green yet somehow sweet aroma.

Above all I would say that She is an impressive healer of all wounds.

On the physical level, the essential oil is one of the best known antihaematomic and anticoagulant, it prevents blood stasis.

Also a good analgesic, it is thus among the first aid kit when one has a bad fall or twist ankle for instance.

Because of its affinity to the blood, it is of course a valuable help for women with menstruation issues and for anyone who has blood circulation concerns such as hemorrhoids or varicose and spider veins.

On the other hand, its versatility offers strong restorative properties and makes it a powerful hepatoprotective, it activates liver functions and reduces cholesterol level by lowering triglycerides.

Finally a precious essence for the skin, it promotes cell regeneration/growth and rejuvenation and aids in the healing of scars and wounds. (Lembo 2016) . Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt (2011) even affirms that there is hardly a better wound healer and antiaging agaent than this oil.

On the subtle levels (mental, emotional, spiritual), Helichrysum clears energy blocks and helps to let go of emotional wounds. It supports in accepting and releasing challenging emotions or painful memories and then grounds and stabilizes. (Keim et al. 2015)

In his outstanding Aromatica, Peter Holmes (2016) states that on the psychological activities, Helichrysum promotes stability and calm in case of emotional instability with moodiness, frustration and irritability; it promotes emotional security and strength during emotional wounding or trauma, including loss, betrayal and deprivation and also promotes the transformation of shock and trauma i.e. all acute and distressed emotions (sorrow, anxiety, anger, fear)

Without a doubt, its relaxant nature supports us in any kind of transition.

One of my teacher Lydia Bosson says it helps one leaving or recovering from any difficult situations and challenges by making us aware of rooted patterns in the subconscious.

Immortelle could reveal everlasting inner peace.

And upon writing these last words, I acknowledge that the actual trauma might also simply come from the book I'm reading at the moment which content came like a shock. If you want to feel somehow destabilized in your beliefs (which I believe is important for evolution), I highly recommend Homo Deus: A brief history of tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari (2016). In the very first chapter, he affirms that more than never, and he explains why, the New Human Agenda is to seek bliss and immortality and divinity.

For many reasons Helichrysum, this highly sun-energy charged everlasting flower's quintessence could be one great ally.

What are you seeking?

How can Helichrysum be a companion in your journey?

Let's take three deep inhalations of Immortelle(ity) and ponder upon it....


  • Non-toxic and non-irritant at appropriate dilutions. As usual please do not use if you are taking medication, on children and pregnant or lactating women without proper knowledge, training and experience.
  • Chance of adulteration are very high because of the low yield, limited availability and high cost. 


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