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Aromatherapy lovers' Tour in Provence

21st to 27th June 2019

DAY 1 - Celebration of Summer solstice

What a wonderful gift to start summer where the sun shines 300 days per year!

After meeting either at Nice train or airport, depending where you are coming from, we are immediately going for our first and only lunch on the Mediterranean sea side. This famous restaurant is offering fantastic fresh fish for our delight, however during our tour we mainly enjoy vegetarian delicious gourmet food .

Even though we would love to stay longer near this particular cobalt blue sea, we are called to our first stunningly beautiful and fragrant guided visit of the International Perfume Museum's garden in Mouans-Sartoux. As we go for a stroll through the gardens and discover plants sequenced according to their olfactory notes: citrus, floral, woody, spicy, fruity, musky etc.   In the unique setting of the International Perfume Museum’s Gardens, we can discover and smell the species that have provided valuable raw materials for perfumery for centuries : jasminum sambac, rosa damascena, pelargonium graveolens, vitex agnus castus, citrus aurantifolia, lavandula angustifolia, helichrysum italicum, juniperus communis, and many many more...

This first evening promises to be so memorable.

We stay for a night in the city of Grasse in a cosy traditional hotel called "Les Arômes" (The Aromas) where they serve typical Mediterranean cuisine. And then time to celebrate the glorious, groovy, jazzy most famous French Festival: La Fête de la Musique, where everyone all over the country in big cities and tiny villages, goes on the streets to play music, to dance, in one word to ENJOY...

DAY 2 - The origin of perfumery

When the sun rises early birds catch... the long-established street market of Grasse full of colourful fruits and vegetables, unique crafts and vibrant crowd of multicultural people. An experience not to be missed...

This morning is actually another dream for those fascinated by the science and art of perfumery.

Certainly we are here not only to visit the amazing International Museum of Perfumery but also to attend a workshop specially organised for our needs as aromatherapists: How to make our own perfume with exclusively pure and authentic essential oils!

In the afternoon, we are heading to Valderoure to visit the small producer "Le Gattilier" and later to wander around the superb farm in Bargème where we spend two nights. Isabelle, our private cook is joining us from now on, she is such a professional gastronome, an expert in gustative pleasure !

DAY 3 - Sensory time with a Master

Today is a full day at "La Commanderie", a building from the 13th century which was a meeting point for the Templars during the Crusades. There Christian Escriva, who wrote six books about essential oils and other plant extracts, has established his biodynamics agriculture sanctuary.

In his company, we visit his production, the laboratory, the still. We experience being a distiller, as we distill a plant that still need to be confirmed as the tour come closer; according to the period most probably thyme or hyssop.

Then, Christian explains in a workshop how to explore and experiment his phenomenological or sensory approach of a plant, an excellent lesson in plant communication.

DAY 4 -The Grand Canyon of France

Emerge yourself in our breathtaking nature: the Verdon Regional Nature Park (Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon) is home to a wealth of flora and fauna as well as wonderful scenery. This unspoiled region is also scattered with charming villages including Bargème and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie where we are going to stay for the following two nights.

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie has been classified as one of the most beautiful village of France, are you eager to discover its splendours?

DAY 5 : The most awaited fields of Lavandula x intermedia

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DAY 6 : I am a woman! What is your superpower?

DAY 7 : Aix-en-Provence

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