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The urgency to ground to feel safe

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Do we understand really why Aromatherapy is booming these days?
Of course except from the facts (scientific and clinical studies) that essential oils and other hydrolats and vegetable oils are extremely potent.
Everybody become a bit crazy about essential oils because everyone is so much in need to reconnect with Mother Nature.


What happen when one opens a bottle and get that original aroma of what it is like to be an integral part of Nature, to be an authentic "product" of Nature, is unfathomable ; yet it resonates remarkably with our deepest beingness.


Essential oils are "Molecules of Connectedness"

You know "All is One", right?
All is One is the fundamental recognition to stabilise our first energy centre, our root support, our Tribal Power.


Unfortunately our root chakra, located at the base of our spine, is undergoing tremendous imbalances and/or disharmonies. Indeed being "established" during the first year of our life, it is of no surprise, when one sees the way we are born in this world, to watch people going into so much fears, anxiety, addictions... The first hour of our life is when our main neuronal connections are made in the brain, and too very often we are surrounding by fear at birth. Ok let's say some of us are lucky to be born in a loving environment i.e. not in a hospital, still the fear is conditioned by the society.


Again there is much to say about the first energy centre and the necessity to be grounded, and this is another subject I might mention quite regularly.


Now fortunately, we have friends, allies in form of human beings (possessing an ego) or in form of plants.


One of my teachers, Cathy Skipper* gracefully explains that somehow the beauty of working and playing and communicating with the plants is that they have no "ego" that interprets everything according to their beliefs system, they are consciousness that knows. (Hope I don't get it wrong, this is my understanding of what she teaches marvellously - please go back to the master for more in depth understanding)


Today, and for the purpose of getting grounded in Trust, Solidity, Stability, Prosperity, Faith, I invite you to try the method of "Direct Perception" with the essential oil of Vetiveria zizanoides aka Vetiver.


Take a scent strip or a piece of watercolour paper (chemical-free is possible) and just put one drop of the thick, viscous, dark coloured vetiver.

Sit quietly in your sacred space, close your eyes gently.

Put the scent strips with the vibrant, high quality, bioactive vetiver under your nose.

Take 3 deep breaths and just listen.

LISTEN carefully.

Stay with Vetiver at least 5 minutes, and for a totally new experience 50 minutes.


Soon I will be offering Meditation upon an odour, or Olfactory Meditation. Follow me...


IMPORTANT FACT: The sense of the root chakra is the sense of ... smell !!! So whiff that aroma NOW.


CREDITS: "Molecules of Connectedness", "Direct Perception" are terms used by Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer.

*"Cathy Skipper believes that the plants and our ancestors are beckoning us to find our inner healing and return back to nature with the use of our plant allies as friends and medicine.
Cathy Skipper has spent many years in the healing arts using alchemy and aroma for healing the mind, emotions and the soul." For more info


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