• Consultation & Co-creation

    Individualised prescription & Customised blends
    The aromatics and medicinal plants YOU need

    Echinacea plantation - Valderoure - France

    One-to-one Consultation

    Thorough consultation is essential to establish a therapeutic connection between you and me.

    Also, especially during the first assessment you will tell me what you know about yourself and I will tell you what I've learn about the human body, mind and spirit.

    My role is to provide the tools to achieve and sustain good health yet empower you to take control of your personal well-being and wellness and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

    In holistic therapies the patient's willingness to participate fully in his own healing is necessary for its success.

    The protocol I use to understand your being is based on Oriental Medicine and the Five Elements theory as well as depth Jungian psychology and intuition.

    Together we can find out what are the patterns of disharmony and imbalances and chose appropriate essential oils and method of application to re-create balance.

    Let us practice the Alchemy of Inner work.



    Whether for individuals, companies, health professionals, there is always a need for a special synergy of aromatics to benefit your purposes.

    We can create an exclusive formula based on your requirement.

    It could be a synergy for physical, emotional or spiritual purposes.

  • Charges for services

    Because we're worth it.

    First consultation:

    Adults - RM 250 - not including remedies (a good 2 hours)

    Children (below 16 years old) - RM 175


    Subsequent Consultation:

    RM 100/ hour


    Personalized blend and co-creation:

    The price depends on the needed plants, let us explore


    Enquire for a healing consultation

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