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    Fairies of the Nature kingdom

    and their human friends & approaches

    How grateful shall we be to have discovered a way to extract the power of the plant kingdom !

    And we have even done it in different forms: essential oils, hydrolats (hydrosols), mother tinctures, gemmotherapy (from the buds and young shoots), solar maceration, flower extracts... All of which have their particular properties and spectrum of action.

    How grateful shall we be to have had sages and genius past and present who have discovered and experienced how the mind, the psyche and the soul manifest themselves into our lives!

    And they have done it also using different ways: meditation, storytelling, mythology, spirituality, quantum field, tarot, depth psychology... All of which have their particular virtues and spectrum of integration.

    Together, we are going to play and work with all aspects of what it is to be a human being in relationship with and to itself and the plant kingdom.

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