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    Frederique is truly a beautiful person and an excellent therapist. Her knowledge of essential oils, gemmotherapy and alternative medicine has totally impressed me. Her attentive ear, her research and ability to address my condition as well as her precious advice has made me grateful to have met her. The consultation is very thorough and led with great professionalism. Thank You .

    Lynda, 39, Professor

    Since day one, I have been impressed by the professionalism of Frederique. Her impressive knowledge of all the plants, her amazing passion when it comes to sourcing the essences she uses, her patience when it comes to identifying the problem you come to solve have no equal in Malaysia. My wife and I found a real therapist by meeting Frederique. Thank you.

    David T., 43, Marketing Manager

    The sessions I've had with Fred have always been wonderful and an eye opener for me. It's a wonder on how the different scents have not only made my skin better, Fred has also skillfully managed to get the right combination of oils to help me on an "emotional level". Fred is so generous in sharing her wisdom to help me with the challenges I'm facing, combined with the suitable scented oils. Looking forward to our next session, Fred!

    Lina A., 42, Head of Finance Dpt

    I was truly impressed by the power of this form of aromatherapy, by the quality of the oils that Frederique uses, which benefit the mental, emotional and physical bodies. And last but not least Frederique Suriya is simply the most qualified therapist in alternative medicine that I have met in Malaysia. Deep, serious and thorough, I can only and highly recommend her sessions.

    Leïla T., 45, Art-therapist

    Working with Frédérique on an aromatherapy treatment was a great experience for me. I didn't know what to expect at first, was even quite skeptical, but Frédérique, with her patience and her great listening qualities found a way to help me on my daily life with her magical plants.

    Karine B., 47, Teacher

    I had the great pleasure to discover these wonderful products thanks to Leïla who had some custom made for me. It was such a pleasant moment to smell them, feel them, massage them on my skin! My only regret is that we are far away. But maybe we could organize an appointment at a distance?!? I would appreciate it so much. Just let me know! Many thanks in advance and for what you have already done for me.

    Sissi, 59, Retired

    J’ai rencontré Fredérique dans une étape très compliquée de ma vie. Grâce à son suivi, sa consultation, l’écoute, et des conseils personnalisés j’ai réussi à avancer. Aromatherapie, séances d'Ajna Light, de produits de très bonne qualité et surtout des bons conseils en français (en Malaisie) d’une femme professionnelle. Je recommande fortement.

    Romy, 43, Yoga teacher

    Thank you so much for the wonderful remedies, they have been a great help with my anxiety and balancing my hormones. I can feel the difference and I see quite a lot of changes already. I have been good with using the remedies everyday. The geranium hydrolat and the inhaler for my anxiety are my two favorites as I see a huge difference with those two ( I basically never fail to use them).

    Natalya F., 21, Student.


    I love the blend you made for my skin. The smells are amazing and I generally feel so good and positive when I'm applying and throughout the day when I'm breathe the scent. My skin condition has improved dramatically with a change in my diet, the beauty products and addition of aromatherapy. Others have commented that my skin looks so much better and I have a glow about me now. I'm very interested to go back to explore other aromatherapy treatments for ailments that have persisted in my life that I have accepted and not found relief from in traditional medicine.

    Christine B., 51, Teacher

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